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Meeting 2005 : Available on the Internet the website of the International Meeting about Free Knowledge‭ - ‬II Free Software International Conference
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From June,‭ ‬13th‭ ‬is opened the address on the Internet ‬,‭ ‬the website of the II Free Software International Conference‭ - ‬International Meeting about Free Knowledge,‭ ‬that will hold in Mérida‭ (‬Extremadura‭) ‬during the days October,‭ ‬25th‭ ‬and‭ ‬26th,‭ ‬2005.

Through this website,‭ ‬the Organization will give all the information related to the event,‭ ‬breaking news,‭ ‬schedules,‭ ‬parallel activities or interviews with the speakers.‭ ‬From the website you will be able to register in the Conference,‭ ‬as a speaker or as a audience,‭ ‬and you will be able to send your papers also.‭

During the development of the International Meeting,‭ ‬throughout the website,‭ ‬you will follow the monitoring all the conferences and the plenary sessions live,‭ ‬you will get the documentation and the record of the Conference or you will download the last versions of gnuLinEx and guadaLinex‭ (‬the operative systems of Extremadura and Andalucía respectively‭)‬.‭ ‬The visitor of the website will also contribute their opinions in the different subject matters opened with this purpose.

Junta de Extremadura y la Junta de Andalucía‭ (‬the regional governments of Extremadura and Andalucía respectively‭) ‬will organize the II Free Software International Conference during October,‭ ‬25th‭ ‬and‭ ‬26th‭ ‬in Mérida‭ (‬Extremadura,‭ ‬SPAIN‭) ‬and this event will continue in Andalucía on‭ ‬2006.‭ ‬The aim of this Conference will try to show Free Software as a reality due to the fact that it has grown‭ ‬to currently become one of the most successful solutions because it's a solid,‭ ‬powerful and safety solution.‭ ‬And it's advisable to bet on it‭ ‬when we are building Information Systems of any organizations.

In the framework of this II Free Software International Conference will receive the‭ ‬International Meeting about Free Knowledge‭ ‬where the main representatives‭ ‬of different projects and movements related to the share of knowledge worldwide will be.‭ ‬During this event,‭ ‬gnuLinEx‭'‬2005‭ ‬will be launched‭ (‬the brand-new edition of the Extremadura's Operative System‭) ‬As well as,‭ ‬there will be loads and loads of activities steered to empower the relationships among the organizations who already firmly bet for Free Technologies.

Extremadura,‭ ‬in the development of its Information Society Global Strategy,‭ ‬it's applying free software in all fields‭ (‬Education,‭ ‬companies,‭ ‬citizens...‭) ‬with the firm conviction that the use of this kind of software on behalf of the Public Administrations‭ (‬Governments‭) ‬it's a question of rational and efficient use of public funds more than anything,‭ ‬and it's a question of rights as well,‭ ‬since it guarantees‭ ‬the access of all the citizens to this technology,‭ ‬pure knowledge on equal terms.‭

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