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Knowledge in its wider definition and in its diverse forms as Free Software is a good of which universalization allows the development and the advance of our Society in all fields.

In the development of Knowledge Society for everyone the logic outcome is reaching free software and the application of those kinds of technologies and free standards that allows to guarantee the Universal Access, on equal terms, of all the citizens to the ICT's such as Extremadura and Andalucía has happened yet.

Nowadays, Free Software is a consolidated reality, a powerful, strong and safety solution and it's advisable to bet on it when we are building Information Systems of any organizations.

The support given throughout all this time to the use of this kind of software by the different organizations and institutions, emphasizing the role of Extremadura and Andalucía as pioneers in the adoption, support and devlopment of Free Software in the Public Administrations (Goverments) in Europe, has drawn it of the Scientific and Experimental Fields, putting it to the reach of the citizens.

Further on the technic aspects, Free Software promotes an attitude above all, sharing knowledge, and it becomes in an ideal engine for innovation and development.

From that point of view, free software enhances a sort of well-known advantages, such as a support of investigation tool above all. So we can state that Free Software provides the advance of Science.

In other aspects, free software favours and speeds up the innovation, due to the fact that its development never starts from zero, there's always generated knowledge around it that can be well-spent to generate a new knowledge or just to improve the existing yet favouring, hence, the innovation process.

Extremadura, in the development of its Information Society Global Strategy, it's applying free software in all fields (Education, companies, citizens...) with the firm conviction that the use of this kind of software on behalf of the Public Administrations (Governments) it's a question of rational and efficient use of public funds more than anything, and it's a question of rights as well, since it guarantees the access of all the citizens to this technology, pure knowledge on equal terms.
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