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Please, for your paper evaluation is necessary you send us a summary of your article. Summary format instructions of obligated accomplishment for all the writers are detailed below. You can use the following template:

- Template RTF. (8 Kb)
- Template PDF. (30 Kb)


O.S. Smith1, V. Gomes2, F. Molina1, F.A. Martinez3
1Open University, UK; 2Brasil Academy of Science, Brazil; 3Abis, SA, Spain

All summaries must follow the same format, using the template provided in the web page or following the next instructions. It must to be addressed by mail to the conference secretariat,

Summary must be written in English or Spanish and must not exceed ONE page. Type of letter: Nimbus Roman No9 L (size lesser than 11-12 points), single paragraph and used in all the document. Size lesser than 11 points will generate to small characters, difficult to read. The margins for A4 is 2 cm. for all the margins, superior, inferior, left and right.

The format must to be OpenOffice, PDF, based on any Free Software or text document.

The document must include the following points in this order:

Title of the Summary,
Main Text,
Key words
and References, if necessary.

The title of the summary must be in capital letters, size 14 pt, bold and centered, also must be as concise as it is possible. Add an empty line in target before the line of the author.

The first name of autor(s) must appear with the initial of the name and followed of the complete family name. The names of the authors must be separated by commas. The list of authors must be centered and the name of the person who will present/display the communication underlined.

The origins must be in the following line without leaving any line in blank. For each origin, the maximum level of detail must be the name of the organization, institute or department and the country. The address must not be included. Authors and origins are due to be in italic. The superscripts numbers must be used as a key to identify names of organizations. The numbers must appear after the names of authors and before each origin. Center the origin. Indicate a maximum of 6 authors; if there were more than 6 use et al. The email of the author who will make the communication can be included in the following line and must be italic and underlined. The inclusion of an electronic mail is optional. The summaries will be included in the Web page and the book of communications. Therefore, if you do not wish that their email is distributed, please, do not include it in the summary.

To leave a blank line before the main text. Not to write the word "summary" at the beginning of the text. To leave a single blank line between paragraphs. Justify the paragraphs and not tabule first line.

The abbreviations must be spelled and be identified the first time that they are used. Inclusion of tables and graphs is accepted. The graphs must be of good quality and high resolution and the letter body must be of enough size letter to be legible. Units Internationally Standardized are due to be used.

Include four separated key words by commas.

The references must be between parenthesis containing the name of the author and/or year of publication of the reference. Uses et al in the text for references with more than two authors. The references must appear in alphabetical order, beginning with the name of autor(s), title of article, name of journal /review, volume, page number and year of publication.

Key words: Key word 1, Key word 2, Key word 3, Key word 4
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